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Employing cloud computing technologies in the auto industry is pivotal for a greater good since its one of the prime industries in the midst of transformation. The definition of cutting edge technologies in the transportation industry is ever changing since the 1990’s due to the competitive marketplace. With the complete support from the Information Technology sector as an existing leader in transformation, auto industry can handle the pressures faced due to technology and convert them into potential benefits.

The main reason why automotive industry has been eventful in adapting cloud computing technologies is because the end result brings a win-win situation for the consumers as well as the automakers. When the cars today start to communicate with humans, they make our transportation easier and smarter, then why not work towards a futuristic approach in this industry. The car of the future will be a smart device geared up to help human lead a simpler life by providing required data. It is going to become easier to realize the Jetsons dream with today’s technological advancements and there is still more to come. However, the question that knocks us to find solution to the problem is how will cloud computing help auto industry leap forward?

1. Improves The Experience Within the Car

Most consumers working in various sectors spend a minimum of an hour to almost four hours in travel every day. Focusing on enhancing the in-car experience enables the consumers to stay connected with their cars. Apart from Hands free calling, staying socially connected in the most traffic prone zones can help you relax within the comfort of your car. Using cloud not only enables the customer’s experience, but also updates the software in the vehicle making it stay up to date.

2. Benefitting automakers by reducing warranty costs

Instead of visiting the service department for a minor issue like updating the software in the car, it is simpler to update the software over air which saves costs aplenty for the automakers. With the support of big data analytics, the entire dataset of a particular vehicle is viewed as a report and this enables in resolving any potential flaws at the very beginning. Reaching out to the service mechanics just for crucial issues improves the quality of the governance and helps in engaging the mechanics to resolve important issues and help reduce the delivery time and warranty costs.

3. Raising the Bar of Quality Assurance

Most of the beta testing can be done with real time users who are willing to participate in resolving issues in buggy software. This enables consumers to participate directly with the makers and get first hand information and support for the issues faced by them.

4. Reduced Costs During Product Development Due to Renting Options

Cloud computing can be used by the research and development team on a specific testing environment for identifying lags or bugs on their simulated application. Since cloud licensing is expensive using “Software as a Service” is economical and beneficial to the automaker. Every product development team makes the best use of cloud since most projects are short termed and specific.

A car isn’t just a luxury anymore; it’s much more than that!

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Cloud is the best way to go in terms of removing the failure rate of storage for a business. It eliminates the costs and allows more investment into the products provided by the company. Service based companies opting for faster data return rates and cheaper storage options will find cloud the way for the future. But is all this open-source public domain safe for businesses? Let’s find out.

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Security Options For Businesses

All companies are different and the needs of the companies vary depending on the services or products provided.

Currently, there are several options to help your data become more secure on the cloud.

  1. Encryption Software for individual files and software.

  2. Encryption software for all data and software including applications.

  3. Cloud provider’s security options.

Encrypting Individual Files And Software

Companies that are only storing small amounts of data and software on a cloud can choose software to encrypt the individual file and/or software. By controlling the encryption from the source, the business will know that what they have sent out is secure and protected. It may not be necessary for small businesses to need to encrypt all their data. So, by using software that allows picking what data is encrypted is ideal. Now, it is easy to assume that protocols must be set up for the company and a system in place for encryption.

Encrypting All Data

Companies that deal with a lot of client information, financial information, and top secret files may want to consider software like Bracket Computing Software that will encrypt all the files sent from the source to the cloud provider. This is an important step to take if you want to make your business safe. Many companies want to avoid costly errors and mistakes of hacked files. Lawsuits and loss of clientele are a consideration for a company. Security should be the first step when considering going to cloud storage.

Encryption Through Cloud Provider

A few things a business must consider when using security through a cloud provider are:

  • Do they encrypt files while data is being stored on the cloud?

  • Do they encrypt files when data is being moved?

  • Do they provide file sharing?

Files encrypted while being stored on the cloud can reduce chances of hacking. Each file, application, and software is individually encrypted and the encryption code is different for each file. This is very secure and as long as the files are sitting they are secure.

Encrypting files while being stored is easy; it is when they are moved that they become potential targets of hackers. This is vital for companies to know what types of services are provided and if the company must provide the overall encryption services. Choosing the best cloud provider that gives a company the highest level of security is paramount.

Finally, file sharing is great for individual users and companies who work from home in groups, but for larger corporations file sharing can be very risky. Checking with the terms and agreements for the cloud provider can clear up all the confusion and leave you with the choice of which provider is best for you. Cloud storage can be absolutely secure for businesses as long as they do their homework!

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